Nu-ROCK Technology


The Nu-Rock Solution to a Global Issue

Each and every year over 1,000,000,000 tonnes of Industrial by-product is added to the current stockpiled by industrial producers across the globe.

Nu-Rock Technology converts all by-products from coal fired power stations, steel mills, non ferrous smelters and alumina smelters into uniquely superior, greener products.

Using Nu-Rock’s nu-cement technology also provides a welcomed and much needed economic solution to the spiralling cost of waste disposal currently faced by industrial producers.

In addition to the benefit of reducing industrial by-product stockpiles, Nu-Rock Technology also involves a unique chemical process that produces superior building products and superior civil engineering materials from power station fly ash and steel mill wastes. The chemicals used in this process are non-hazardous. The carbon neutral manufacturing process of these superior products replace the costly and energy intensive process currently used to build materials that use limited & finite virgin resources.

Operating Nu-Rock plants at only 5% of the coal fired power stations around the globe has the potential to reduce global fly ash stockpiles by 100 million tonnes per year.

Nu-Rock is Greener because it will ultimately remove the environmental threat posed by stockpiling industrial by-products. Nu-Rock is the result of Smarter thinking which inspired a momentous and proven scientific breakthrough. Nu-Rock masonry products are proven to be Stronger than out dated building and construction products and are proven to outlast all alternatives.