Nu-ROCK Technology


Nu-Rock Technology Pty Ltd is a privately owned company focused on:

  • Solving the environmental and economic issues related to the growing stockpiles of industrial by-products occurring worldwide
  • Developing and distributing superior and lower cost Nu-Rock Products designed to revolutionise the building, construction and civil engineering industries globally
  • Creating business success for an international network of affiliated project partners
  • Dramatically improving low cost housing options for Governments around the world
Nu-Rock founder and Managing Director Maroun Rahme, Nu-Rock founder and Managing Director Maroun Rahme, began his journey with Nu-Rock Technology well over 20 years ago. With a background as a successful architect and builder / developer, Maroun possesses a strong understanding of the physical, economic and aesthetic requirements for building materials. During the 20 year transition from initial concept to market reality, Maroun led Nu-Rock’s exhaustive R&D, testing and manufacturing planning processes.
William J. McMahon. Chief Executive Officer – Nu-Rock Technologies USA. Bill has been in the power generation industry for over 40 years. He has been a leader in many well-known companies including, B&W, Babcock Power, Stone & Webster and Ionics. His latest position was President and CEO of CoaLogix, another environmental company focused on the reuse of key assets for SCRs. He sits on the board of directors of the North Carolina Ports Authority and Linxx Global Solutions.
The Nu-Rock Executive Team comprises a select group of experienced industry experts.

Jacob Rebek
Formerly Chief Geologist Rio Tinto Group and Director of Australian Bauxite

Mike Retter
Marketing Professional, Owner and CEO of Circus Group

Grant Rule
Shareholder Investor and Owner of Message Media